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    wo kann ich ein aktuelles aglad beziehen.
    gern doch die unoff.

    lg /A

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    Change black background


    My appologies but I only know English and some Italian.

    Is there a way to change openbox so that not all menus and background are black? It is very hard to change options in wahcade with everything in black including the text.

    thank you!

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    Hi, you can use the theme application "lxappearence" with 15khz, but i would recommend to boot into the system via "Boot Display Manager - PC Monitor" at the boot menu. See pictures below.
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    Thank you

    Thank you! Now I can see to configure the buttons and such.

    Because I only use MAME I wanted to be able to see the option screens in the wahcade setup to remove emulators.

    Thanks again!

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    still so awesome! thank you zagadka for your ongoing efforts and support

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    Sorry for posting in English, since my native languages are English and French (thank God for me Google Translate exists...)

    This distro is simply amazing, everything works smoothly here in my setup.
    However, I've tried to understand the few steps described in Picrard's posts where he talks about adding Daphne and FuturePinball in it, but I can't to get it quite right. My fault...

    Is there any tutorial somewhere that explains how to install these in AGLAD ?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone !

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    after watching some videos i think You did, a great job... I really would like to test for myself, is there any active source to download it?

    Best regards!

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    Zitat Zitat von BigMac Beitrag anzeigen
    Everything is offline and there are no mirrors to be found. How about a torrent or, or some other hoster that is ok with high traffic?
    If all mirrors are temporarily busy (Error 429) , please try again later. All mirrors are still ok, but can be temporarily disabled du to a lot of traffic!

    If you want to support A GNU/Linux Arcade Distribution please create an additional Dropbox Account and "copy" the folder from a mirror to this account and post the link here. Thank you.
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    A GNU/LINUX ARCADE DISTRIBUTION + Atari ST Demos Virtual Maschine

    AGLAD VirtualBox VM incl. over 2000 Atari ST demos. Just import the ova file into VirtualBox and start the maschine. Controls see manuals in the download folder.

    The ST News International Christmas Coding Convention (STNICCC) starts today ( 18-20 december 2015).

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    installer crashed


    I have been working with AGLAD a ton over the last couple months. I was trying to install from a custom iso but I kept running into "installer crashed" when trying to "install to hard drive". It would boot to the live environment fine but would always crash at the end of the installer. After a lot of digging I found the issue is related to this python/remastersys bug:

    So, in short, if your installer is crashing here is the fix:

    Before you run /etc/aglad/ run:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-apt

    then create the iso and burn it as normal, you should now be able to complete the install processes.

    I hope this may save someone some time, and sorry if this was already covered somewhere.

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    coming soon: emulator updates (12/2016) for AGLAD released before christmas

    Ende des Jahres kommen die Updates, die AGLAD auf den aktuellen Stand bringen, was die Emulatoren angeht. Ein paar Bugs werden gleich mit gefixt. Die Anleitung wird auch noch überarbeitet.

    Von meiner Seite bin ich durch. Offizielle Paket wird es nicht geben. Um die inoffziellen Pakete kümmert sich wieder Gustavo, der wahrscheinlich vor Weihnachten fertig wird.

    Hier schon einmal ein Vorgeschmack auf das Update:

    Alle Emulatoren bei denen sich ein Update lohnt finden sich in dem Paket. Die neuen Versionen werden parallel zu
    den alten Versionen installiert, sodass man auch weiterhin die alten Emulatoren/Konfigurationen benutzen kann. Die
    neuen Emulatoren haben in der Regel ein eigenes Konfigurationverzeichnis. Die alten Einträge in der Wahcade Oberfläche
    lassen sich über ein Skript entfernen. Aber auch wieder herstellen. Die Installation ist sehr einfach. Skript ausführen
    und fertig. Eine Internetverbindung wird zum automatischen Download von zusätzlichen Paketen benötigt.

    The new emulator versions will be installed parallel to the old versions, so that you can still use the old
    emulators/configurations. The new emulators generally have their own configuration files. The old entries in
    the Wahcade gui can be removed with an additional script. But can also be restored. The installation is easy.
    Just execute the installation script. An Internet connection is required to download additional packages.

    "A GNU/Linux Arcade Distribution" v0.92b 2013-03-07 + Updates 12/2016"

    - 3DO (3DOPlay v1.8.2, FreeDO v2.1)
    - Atari 2600 (Stella v4.7.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Atari 5200 (Atari800 v2.2.1)
    - Atari 5200 (MESS v0.179 - update 12/2016)
    - Atari 7800 (MESS v0.179 - update 12/2016)
    - Atari Jaguar (MESS v0.179 - update 12/2016) - great improvement
    - Atari Lynx (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Atari ST/E/TT (hatari v2.0 - update 12/2016)
    - Bandai Wonderswan (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Bandai Wonderswan Color (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Capcom CPS 1 (Neubula v2.25b)
    - Capcom CPS 2 (Nebula v2.25b)
    - Capcom CPS 3 (CPS3 Emulator v1.0a)
    - CBS Coleco Vision (MESS v0.179 - update 12/2016)
    - Commodore Amiga (E-UAE v0.8.29-WIP4, patched)
    - Commodore C-16 (VICE sdl v2.3.1)
    - Commodore C-64 (VICE sdl v2.3.1)
    - Commodore VC-20 (VICE sdl v2.3.1)
    - DOS (DOSBox v0.74-2)
    - Fujitsu FM Towns (Xe v2.16.2)
    - MAME SDL highscore patch (MAME SDL v1.78 - update 12/2016)
    - MAME SDL (MAME SDL v1.79 - update 12/2016)
    - MAME SDL bezel (MAME SDL v1.79 - update 12/2016)
    - MAME SDL (MAME SDL v0.143u7)
    - MAME SDL bezel (MAME SDL v0.143u7)
    - MAME highscore patch (MAME SDL v0.143u7)
    - MAME XGL (XGL MAME v0.76.1)
    - Mattel Intellivision (jzIntv v1.0 beta3)
    - Mattel Intellivision (MESS v0.179 - update 12/2016)
    - MB/GCE Vectrex (MESS v0.179 - update 12/2016)
    - NEC/H. PC Engine (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - NEC/H. PC Engine CD (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - NEC/Hudson PC FX (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Nintendo DS (DeSmuME v0.9.8 svnr0, patched)
    - Nintendo Gameboy (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Nintendo G. Advance (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Nintendo G. Color (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Nintendo Game Cube (Dolphin v3.0-291)
    - Nintendo Game Cube (Dolphin 4.0.1, may fail with some graphics card - update 12/2016)
    - Nintendo N64 (Mupen64Plus v1.5)
    - Nintendo NES (Nestopia v1.40)
    - Nintendo SNES (ZSNES v1.51)
    - Nintendo Triforce (Dolphin, Triforce branch v3.0-297)
    - Nintendo Virtual Boy (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Nintendo WII (Dolphin v3.0-291)
    - Nintendo WII (Dolphin 4.0.1, may fail with some graphics card - update 12/2016)
    - RAINE (RAINE v0.64.13)
    - Sammy Atomiswave (DEmul v0.57)
    - ScummVM (ScummVM v1.90 - update 12/2016)
    - Sega 32X (Gens v2.15.5.-4-1)
    - Sega Dreamcast (DEmul v0.57)
    - Sega Game Gear (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Sega Master System (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Sega Mega CD (Kega Fusion v3.63*, Gens v2.15.5.-4-1)
    - Sega Mega Drive (Gens v2.15.5.-4-1)
    - Sega Model 2 (Model 2 emulator v1.1a - update 12/2016)
    - Sega Model 3 (Supermodel Version svn 496 - update 12/2016)
    - Sega Naomi (DEmul v0.57)
    - Sega Naomi 2 (DEmul v0.57)
    - Sega Saturn (Mednfafen - update 12/2016) # just for testing, the mednafen saturn emulator was made for 64 bit
    - Sega Saturn (Yabause v0.9.14 - update 12/2016)
    - SNK Neo Geo (GnGeo v0.7)
    - SNK Neo Geo CD (NeoRAINE v1.3.0)
    - SNK Neo Geo Pocket (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - SNK NG Pocket Color (Mednafen v0.9.39.2 - update 12/2016)
    - Sony Playstation (Mednafen - update 12/2016) - great improvement
    - Sony Playstation (PCSX-Reloaded v1.9.93 - update 12/2016)
    - Sony Playstation 2 (PCSX2 v1.3 - update 12/2016)
    - Windows (Wine v0.97 to 1.4 or daily builds)
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    Manuals updated, Anleitungen aktualisiert

    The manuals were updated.


    Die Anleitungen wurden aktualisiert.

    Geändert von zagadka (30-12-2016 um 14:20 Uhr)

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