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    1. What is cabMAME?
      cabMAME(UI) is a modified version of MAME / MAMEUI. cabMAME includes some "Hacks" to remove several "Problems" in cabinet use.

    2. Some Hacks explained
      I'll try to explain some of the hacks.

      • SoundSync
        With newer MAME versions there can be problems with stuttering sound if you use vsync or tripplebuffer. Thats because of the emulation gets slowed down and there aren't enough sound samples generated.

        SoundSync changes the playback rate of the soundbuffer based on the emulations speed.
        If Pac-Man runs with a speed of 98%, the soundbuffer playback gets slowed down to 98% also eliminating the stuttering. However note that the sound also gets a little pitched and slowed down, although most people won't hear this at all. This also works with games that run too fast (NeoGeo for example).

      • CleanStretch
        Some may remember the "CleanStretch" option from older MAME versions.
        As of today, in Direct3D the Picture gets zoomed to fullscreen with floating point precision. That actually produces quite nasty artifacts in lower resolutions.

        CleanStretch ist a quite small hack, changing those floating point zoom back to integer zoom, eliminating zoom artifacts completly.

      • ChangeRes
        Normaly MAME changes the resolution only once. This may be enough for 99% of all games currently supported, however there are some games that change resolution more than once (i.e. PSX based).

        ChangeRes allows the game to switch resolution on-the-fly, however this may freeze MAME on Voodoo based games if you use a dual-core machine.

      • Redraw
        To stay short.
        Redraw allows MAME to output frames multiple times, for example 30Hz games running on 60HZ, or 60Hz games running "lowres" on a VGA Monitor (using 120Hz)

    3. Configuration
      All hacks can be enabled/disabled via MAME.INI (cabMAME) or INI/MAME.INI (cabMAMEUI) .
      Configuration via MAMEUI Menu currently is not supported.

      There are following options:

      • cleanstretch 0/1 - can be either 0 (Floatingpoint-Zoom) or 1 (Integer-Zoom).

      • changeres 0/1 - either 0 (no resolution switching) or 1 (resolution switching on-the-fly).

      • redraw auto/0-X - either auto (tries to configure itself), 0 (no redraw) or any number from 1 (redraw X times).


      No UI-Variant for now
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