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Thema: So was gibt's nur in USA

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    So was gibt's nur in USA

    So was nennt sich "warehouse raid". In USA wird man tatsächlich noch fündig bei alten Schätzchen...

    FS/FT: Warehouse Raid - parts/games available

    by "AubHtr@[EMAIL PROTECTED] " <AubHtr@[EMAIL PROTECTED] > Oct 28, 2005 at 05:53 PM

    Sorry, but no raid PICs were taken because somebody forgot the camera.Anyway, I brought back 7 games/cabinets and quiet a few parts on thefirst load. Since, there are about 70-80 games/cabinets still at thewarehouse I figured I would ask who was interested in what so I knowwhat to get first on the next trip.

    Here are a few available games:
    2 Professor Pac cabs converted to Jr. Pac - both look solid.
    2-3 converted Joust upright cabinets.1 converted Joust cocktail table.
    3 full size Battlezones
    1-2 Pac uprights
    5-6 Ms. Pac uprights
    1 Atari pinball
    2 Space Duels
    2-3 Tempest uprights
    2 Tempest cocktail tables
    2-3 Space Duel cocktail tables.
    2-3 Ms. Pac minis
    1 Joust upright
    2-3 Robotron uprights
    2 Crystal Castle uprights

    There are no super rare gems there and a few of the cabinets havegotten wet on the bottom at some time previously. Some are complete,some are missing parts, and several will be parted out.I currently have a bunch of PCBs to sort through before listing them.Until then, I have most of the parts available from a Battlezone miniand a couple of Star Wars uprights. I also have a few WG K6100 X-Ymonitors available and several loose deflection pcbs and H-V units thatI picked up.Several control panels available including a Pac, Sinistar (missingjoystick assembly), Qix, Space Ace, and a few others.

    Email me if anything above interests you - AubHtrATaol.comMike
    Andreas (speleo_de)

    ... nur Wenige sind imstande, solche Diskussionen fair und wie Erwachsene zuführen ...

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    Zum Heulen!
    Da sind einige Sachen bei, die mich extremst interessieren.

    Naja, muß man wohl mal über einen Umzug nachdenken


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