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Thema: his radeon 4350 compatibla umsa +no dongle 15hz

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    Red face his radeon 4350 compatibla umsa +no dongle 15hz

    I ordered a radeon (HIS hd 4350) + UMSA today
    because my radeon video card is not compatible hd6950dc2gb LOW RES
    I have questions about this card.
    I saw on some forum that there were fake based on mobility Radeon HD4350, so I wonder if this card is able to display acts as a real
    resolution 320 * 240, with dot below 7MHz clock?
    need the dongle 15hz? 4350hd in certain card ... apparently we need?
    how this card works driver crt emu driver such calamity, groovy mame, with arcade osd? for example ...
    Is it possible to have two pci cards at the same time?
    pc games on radeon hd 6950 amd driver with 13.2 beta3?
    arcade with radeon (HIS radeon hd 4350)?
    I feel that it will not be simple, pending any help
    I am French and
    hs / I have problems with this forum (bing translation) login out ...
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