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09-04-2007, 13:53
So here is a screenshot of the frontend.

It works quite simple.

Select Adapter
Select Install or Uninstall
Restart Windows

TIP: Change your desktop to 640x480 60Hz before restarting.


Soft-15kHz (http://files.arianchen.de/soft15khz/soft15khz.zip) (54,2 KB) - Build 52

Use on you own risk!

It is a VB6 binary, and should work on any Windows 2000 or XP.

Usefull Tools

QuickRes (http://files.arianchen.de/soft15khz/quickres.zip) (1st Screen) (7,49 KB) *
QuickRes (http://files.arianchen.de/soft15khz/quickres2.zip) (2nd Screen) (7,49 KB) *
TestGrid (http://files.arianchen.de/soft15khz/testgrid.zip) (7,79 KB) **
msvbvm60.dll (http://files.arianchen.de/soft15khz/msvbvm60.zip) (675 KB) ***

* QuickRes is needed to switch the desktop to resolutions lower than 800x600.

** TestGrid is a small tool that generates various test screens.

*** May be needed by Windows 98.

Supported Drivers

NVidia ForceWare
It should work with any Riva TNT and/or GeForce based adapter.

ATI Catalyst
It should work with any Radeon based adapter. However you should NOT use the newest catalyst for older cards.

Matrox PowerDesk
It should work with any Matrox adapter. However newer cards don't support low-res mode well.

Tests have been done with the "SFFT"-Voodoo3/4/5-Treiber.
It should work with any Voodoo3 and Voodoo4/5 based adapter.

A more detailed list of tested video adapters can be found here (http://community.arcadeinfo.de/showthread.php?t=7925).