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08-04-2007, 17:41
What OS are supported?
Right now Windows 98, 2000 and XP are supported.
Windows Vista should work theoreticaly, however is doesn't yet.
On Windows 98 only ATI drivers work.

Whats the big deal? There is PowerStrip!
Right, but PowerStrip is Shareware, and not as easy to use.
Also it's quite hard to configure Resolutions under 512x384 in PowerStrip.

How does the Sync work?
All default resolutions are programmes to use seperated negative H- and V-Sync.
So to get C-Sync just twist H- and V-Sync together.

Does it work with an ArcadeVGA?
In theorie it should work with an ArcadeVGA, but it doesn't make much sense adding resolutions to a card that has native support for them.

Whats the difference to using an ArcadeVGA?
The main difference is that you can use virtually any newer (more powerfull) adapter and also you could use multiple cards. However theres one drawback, the adapters output normal 31KHz VGA signals before entering windows.

Any dangers for my adapter or my screen?
For you adapter there no dangers, hence only the driver is programmed.

For your screen however, theres a slight risk of damage, hence the adapters output standard 31KHz VGA signals until windows boots up.
There are nice security gadgets like the Ultimarc J-PAC, that filter out bad signals.

What to do in the worst case?
Well, start up Windows (with a VGA screen) in safe-mode and either try to uninstall the project (it creates a backup on install), or uninstall the whole video driver.

Can I use both Heads on a Dual-Head card?
Yes. I'm using a Radeon 9600 Pro to drive my dual Cab.
Your card should detect two analog CRTs.

Can I use the digital (DVI-) output for driving an PC-Screen like on an ArcadeVGA2?
It COULD work, however it requires in-deep know-how and therefore isn't supported.

Is it possible to add other resolutions?
Yes, thats possible. You only have to add an "XFree86 Modeline" in a textfile called custom15khz.txt, custom25khz.txt, custom31khz.txt or usermodes.txt.

Please note that customXXkhz.txt modelines will be added as "60Hz" to windows, and usermodes.txt modelines will be added with their real vertical refresh rate.

An Example:
modeline "1920x1080@60i" 82,817 1920 2104 2288 2456 1080 1107 1108 1125 interlace -hsync -vsync

Is it possible to remove default resolutions?
Yes, you only have to add an "remove X,Y"-like statement in a textfile called custom15khz.txt, custom25khz.txt or custom31khz.txt.

An Example:
remove 321x256