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20-08-2004, 00:33
hi im making a new german machine
u can download it this week add www.shaggiesweb.nl

bicos i dont have a good photo
i made a+- like the real 1
butt it will never bi like the real 1http://home.concepts.nl/~edelaat/cc.jpg



20-08-2004, 00:46
hast du auch die soundroms?

und wieso dauert es so lange bis nächste woche ich dachte du kannst es in einer stunde fertigstellen :( :D

20-08-2004, 01:03
:D no i dont have the proms if u have
sendit to mikekloeg@zeelandnet.nl

its no problem if nobody have it i uss a other sound prom! ;)

and i have greats news
i have found the a big flyer of the crazy casino :) :eek: :D ;)
so i will make 2 version......

haha i made alot of more machine lol
im building now add the moment 7 other machine,s

i let u all know when u can download

go already register add my site

talk too u all laters :D
does any 1 have a website wher i can download emproms germany?
email my if u have a url
dont post it here