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11-11-2019, 19:45
hello, i just bought a 720 degrees YAY 😀 it is all original but needs a lot of love. I first will try to get it technical working. With a little luck I think this will be no problem. Someone has dropped the Arcade so the cabinet needs a lot of work. The glueing and painting will be not that difficult after this in want to stick some new decals on it I have seen them for sale in the USA I want to ask if anyone knows if the decals also can be found in Europe? The boom box is gold I think this is not the original color coos I only see them in silver. 16156
Sorry I didnít write I Deutsche Iím from the Netherlands and my Deutsche isnít that good.

12-11-2019, 21:10

You might want to look over at the dragonslairfansforum (lots of dutch guys, but it has been a bit silent recently).


Or, have a look at UKVAC: http://www.ukvac.com/forum/forums.html

Muddymusic is doing artwork. Or ask Mikonos11. He's from Spain and has great talents and a huge archive. He's a bit difficult though, so take care. He says he makes reproduction for free, what does NOT MEAN you will get the artwork for free or the files to get them printed. You can send him pictures of artwork or original artwork and he will do a digital reproduction. You can buy the printed artwork from him (it seems to a great quality from, what I have read) but you will never get the files from unless you have or know something to force him ;)

Good luck! :)

13-11-2019, 09:00
Thanks, Iím gonna try 👍🏻