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18-05-2016, 21:09
Hello Arcade Professors,

Sorry for doing this in English but my German is not that good :unsure:

I have a problem please help me if you can.

I bought an revenge from Mars pinball with a non working monitor.
I didn't know if it was the pc or the monitor so I hooked it up an other monitor to see what would happen.

I got a picture so I think the pc is oké.

Problem is the picture is not correct. It's like the picture won't get to the middle and the writing is double. Tried to get a good picture by using the monitor adjustment buttons but that won't solve it, believe me I tried :/ .

Picture of the connectors:
Left the original pinball 2000 cable/plug right the "new" tatung monitor cable/plug from a magatouch xl.

Original plug: pin1: orange pin2: beige. Pin3: back and yellow. Pin 4: black pin5,6 empty. Pin7 pink Pin8 black pin9 green. Pin10 brown.
New plug: pin1 yellow. Pin2 white. Pin3 black. Pin4 black. Pin5 blue. Pin6 black. Pin7 white. Pin8 black. Pin9 pink.

I tried to connect the pinball 2000 plug to the new cable and swapped some cables around but nothing seem to work.Maybe it just not working with this monitor but since it looks so close I'm hoping its some kind of sync problem.

Please help me, I tried to look up the answer on the net but that kind of drove me crazy.
Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Arlon Weijer.
The Netherlands.

18-05-2016, 23:26
First at all: Pin2000 is lowres, you need a "normal" 15K arcade-monitor. With 48cm CRT.
The megatouch ist VGA, i think so. Your faulty picture looks like wrong resolution!
And the sync signal from your PC is other polarity as "normal" arcade use. Also it comes with separate sync for H and V!!!

The original connector looks like Wells Gardner standard.
What monitor do you have origin in your pin?
Wells Gardner or Ducksan? This two manufactors were used.....

Why do you try to swap the monitor? Is the CRT broken? Or simply the chassis faulty?
However, a dead chassis should not be any prob for me, also i would be able to assist you fixing it.
Little knowledge of soldering and measurement is important.

Regards from germany

19-05-2016, 20:30
Hi Winfried,

Thank you a lot for your response !
Spent hours trying tho get the Megatouch getting to work 🙄
The original monitor is a Wels Gardner but is totally dead just black screen.
I'm not an electronic expert but I can do some electric work.
I tried wiggling the neck board but no glow in the neck.
Would be awesome if you could help me out but like I said I'm not an expert, and I not really know where to start.
I will send you some pics of the monitor later.
Thanks in advance.

19-05-2016, 20:34
Pictures of the Wels Garden

20-05-2016, 00:41
Can you read and interpret the circuit-diagram?
Is the 115V power supply present? I think so, cause the computer works and thats the same power circuit.
Blown fuse on the monitor-board?
Next point of measurement schould be the mains capacitor, 160V or more has to be there
Did you have had a look at the soldering under the PCB?
Broken joints etc are suspect...

20-05-2016, 16:12
I looked at the capacitors and some of them have some brown stuf under them.
they are not swollen up maybe the brown stuf is just soldering fluid.
wanna try putting on new capacitors my self but not sure if that's wise.
if I wanna do it myself where do you recommend me buying new capacitors?
is it possible sending you the neck board and the other pcb board so you can check them and repair them if you think that's possible?
is you want to do this can you give me an indication of how much this gonna cost me?
thanks for the info you gave me till now :)

20-05-2016, 22:32
You are on the "woodway", so we say in Germany, meens, you are looking at the wrong place....and on the wrong way!
The caps look fine, and the yellow "slime" is only the (factory)glue to keep them in place due to vibrations.
If you mean that your not able to fix it by yourself, its no prob for me to do the job.
i have the skills and the spareparts to get it along. The fee for fixing depends on the dufficult of the fault, however.
Maybe between 20 und 200 €....0-), really i think its in the house number of 50 bucks plus postage.
Feel free to get information about me, and my knowledge........i.m a well known tech in Germany


21-05-2016, 07:48
You need the whole monitor or just the 2 boards ??

21-05-2016, 22:20
Sending a complete monitor is like russian roulette.....i need the chassis incl. neckboard and the adjustment-pcb.
The CRT and wiring remains at your home. I m in need for only the complete electronic to drive the CRT.
CRT and all other equipment is no prob here.

22-05-2016, 10:03
im gonna sent you the boards.
thank you for wanted to do this.
the problem is my budget for my pinball hobby is very low at the moment:'-(
so please let me know if it's going to cost more than €60,--
really hoping it is something wrong with the boards and not with the tube it self.
on the picture I am pointing on the 7 round things at the neck of the tube they are lose I can move them eazely is this normal do they have to be in sertan positions?
i am confidant that you can fix it if it is something wrong with the boards, please keep me informed about the progress.
pleas sent me your complete address.
thanks again !!

22-05-2016, 11:08
These rings are factory adjusted and sealed with locking paint.
In the normal way they are fixed in most certainly position.
As an amateur you never will be able to do these settings, even with test pattern (your pin2000 has that in the testmenü) you will get crazy!
Look at the painting so you can reconstruct them. Than fix it.
If you cannot find the original settings, your crt will give you a faulty picture.
The colors will be poor and the convergency wrong and bad.

For example look here, page 5 und so on!

When youre able to reseat the magnetic rings in the origin position, then there is good hope to get it at work fine.
Otherwise you have to send the whole equipment..........but this will generate very more costs ... :-(
Try to fix it, there are six rings and the seventh ring will lock and unlock them all, i think.
If you are not able to do this, the sending and repairing of the chassis would be wasted money!

Sorry, but thats the fact and i dont want to do the job in vain. Only collecting your money.....and sending any useless stuff to you.

Friedly regards

22-05-2016, 13:14
Someone did put a line on there with a marker.
if I line the marks up it look like in the picture.
say this is all wrong, is it possible to use the tube from the Megatouch xl with the boards of the pinball 2000 ?

22-05-2016, 13:17
Could it be the monitor was not working course the rings where lose ??

22-05-2016, 15:12
You probably know a thing or 2 about conversion kits.
maybe it is just easier for me to go that route I know I would not get a better picture with a TFT monitor but better not a perfect picture than no picture at all.
i bought a gbs 8200 and build a input withs should work, but than I read on the internet that some of these gbs 8200 things just are not working.
a conversion to a TFT screen in a pinball 2000 is just not a plug and play job.
can you like sell me a converter system that would work in a pinball 2000 machine ?

23-05-2016, 09:48
The marked line shows you the adjustment, that looks good.
When you get them fixed in this way, the tube should work.
This is no promise from me, finally the firing up with the chassis can give you the answer.
The disjusted rings cannot cause the dead of the chassis.
There is not any device you can use from your megatouch, it is VGA-resolution and works in different way.
The inductances of the deflection coils ars total different.

The TFT-solution is not my business, sorry.

You can send the chassis to me and i will it bring alive.
When you get it back und your crt is bad, you can send it to me and i will keep it for the repair cost.
So you cannot invest in food for a dead animal :D


23-05-2016, 18:11
the package is ready for shipping.
I only need your address.
if it's fixable I think you are totally the man who can do it.
and I think you will charge me a very very fair price for it.
so thanks in advance for that !!

24-05-2016, 01:41
My adress is via PN on the way to you

27-05-2016, 17:52
You are on the "woodway"


Das war sehr lustig.

28-05-2016, 08:39
@Firedragon: You can have faith in both Winni's abilities and his reliability!! He's THE MAN when it comes to getting your monitor repaired! :)

28-05-2016, 08:53
Yea, kind of got the feeling he is :)
now just waiting and see what his judgement is, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas :D

28-05-2016, 09:21
I am waiting for the postman..............nothing until this time

28-05-2016, 09:41
Run postman..... run with the package run...... #forrest gump

28-05-2016, 21:28
nothing until now.....lets have hope for MO

30-05-2016, 14:44
Arrived today, i will have a look on it
But i nowhere can read your sending-addy......
Send me your adress via PN

30-05-2016, 20:30
Nice !!
will send you my adres.

30-05-2016, 23:12
Your Chassis ist definitly faulty, the power-supply is dead.
There is an integrated circuit, that does the switching job, i think, that is defective.
I will order this part..... and then we know more about this.

31-05-2016, 16:26
Oké, good that you found the problem.
Maybe it is a good idea when you find parts from withs you know will break down easy when a board gets old and the price for these parts is not that high to changes these parts aswell to make the board more future proof.

31-05-2016, 21:11
I have to examine the cause of the breakdown. Dont want to kill the new ic, i ordered it today in the city that never sleeps... 0-).... HK
May take few weeks until it arrives, but i ordered in foresight five pieces! One for the rep, the second, if i make any mistake and the rest for my storage!
Found a totally bad capacitor at the sense-line of the switchmode-ic. And a broken transistor in the startup-circuit.
i will try to repair the periphery round this ic.
And in the meantime your signal connection cable will get a suitable plug. Its not good style to solder such a cable directly at the pins of the pcb.
Sorry for the delay, but i only will do a good job at really fair price.

01-06-2016, 01:29
It works. The ic is in good condition, the periphery was faulty, only. I replaced the startup transistor and the power supply fired up!
The second fault was a strange moiree in the picture, there was a ripple on the 12V rail. The belonging Cap was bad, after change the picture was good.
After half a hour test run the contrast flickered and introduced me to a new problem. Arghhhh, why i have everytime the same blues with different faults at the same set!?!
Also i fixed it by soldering the video-processor-ic. it was sensitiv to vibration.
Now it runs since above two hours, tomorrow i will pack it and send it on the way back.
The signal cable is also repaired.
Appendix: Pics


01-06-2016, 01:37
Und überhaupt, wassn hier wieder los?
Die scheiß Bilder anzuhängen hat mich ja fast wahnsinnig gemacht......bin ich zu blöd? neee, eigentlich nicht
Warum kann das nicht so einfach sein wie.......und es ist natürlich nicht so, wie ich es gerne hätte....FUCK
und jetzt mache ich mir Essen und rege mich ab

Thats not your fault, im pissed off about handling the pics here


01-06-2016, 12:57
Super Winni!!!

01-06-2016, 14:46
Geht doch! Und die IC sind bestellt :cool:
Jetzt bekomme ich halt wieder ein paar Bauteile mehr............ich kann es nicht ab, wenn ich sowas nicht in der Schublade habe

The paket is on the way back to you, perhaps it will arrive until SA
I hope, that your tube works.

01-06-2016, 15:38
!!!! Awesome !!!!
all the things you repaired I could have never done myself heck some parts I don't even know what they are :confused: good thing there are specialists.
let me know what I ow you and send me your bank number so I can pay you.
really hope the tube is still good.
thank you, thank you, thank you !!! for now. :)
i will keep you informed about the progress

01-06-2016, 16:32
When you will get the Chassis, have a look at the liitle push-switch on the pcb in the near of the signal-connector.
It has a black knob and switches the polarity of the sync. In case of no sync or bad sync switch it in the other position.
The Pin2000 has another polarity of sync as the normal arcade-pcbs, also my pic-generator, due to the fact, that here works a modified computer-graphic-chip.
With VGA-standards, thats also the reason, why there is seperate sync H + V. I cannot remind, wether i switched it back or leaved it in the wrong position.
Naturally you also have to set the controls at the side of the line-out-transformer, screen and sharpness first after firing up.
Then the fine tuning, if necessary. The basic settings are done, you may have to adjust the gray and white balance on the neckboard.
Also the geometry. Hor. width ist the only pot in the near of the transformer, i think, its lettered.
All other pots are on the adjusting-pcb. Before you roll over everywhere tuned, ask me!
Good luck!

01-06-2016, 20:50
Oké great.
i will transfer the money tomorrow.
fingerscrossed it will work.
i will only chance the settings you told me.
you will hear from me soon when I got everything installed.

04-06-2016, 16:05
Hi Winfried,
i put the boards back in just to be save I checked 3 times if I connected everything right and if I not forget anything coos I not want to do it wrong and break stuff coos I did an stupid thing.
than moment of truth.
i turned the machine on.
i heard the monitor turn on but only a black screen.
i started to stress a little.
turned the machine of switched the switch you told me about.
turned the machine on again but still a black screen.
omg now I'm was getting really nervous.
then I turned a little on the buttons of the big black thing.
than YAY picture omg big big smile :)
so happy right Now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!
if you ever in the neighborhood (I live near Rotterdam) and you feel like playing some pinball or just a cup of coffee or something your just let me know your more than welcome.
i will put on some pics when I got it all build in.

04-06-2016, 19:14
Everything working just need to brighten the colors a little more.

04-06-2016, 23:43
My best wishes cause your CRT is working fine too............the chassis was not the really prob :p
And i am very happy for saving an old monitor from the scrap!
This is my core business.......they recommend me further