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29-05-2014, 22:56
the left side monitor of this time crisis 3 is broken how much does a new one gonna cost me you think ??

30-05-2014, 08:45

it depends... :D

depends on if it is repairable or not, many chassis can be repaired. A new one is alwasy the worst solution, might be hundreds of euros...
Where are you from? A schort introduction of yourself would be very helpful...

Mike McBike

30-05-2014, 22:18
Did it work with fine picture before? Until it broke down?
Than in 99% cases the chassis is dead, but mostly repairable.
The tube never dies immediatly, but slowly by aging and loosing sharpness and brightness.
Did you contolled the AC-input, no power----no picture!
Do you hear any humming sound from the chassis, is there neck-glowing to see?

31-05-2014, 11:22
Ty Wilfried but i dont own the machine yet it sells to the highest bid so I'm just figuring out how much I can bid on the machine.
if it's not to bad I figure it cost 50 to repair but I like to know how much it's gonna cost if it is a bad problem is it like 500 or more like 1000 or is it just impossible to say ?

31-05-2014, 11:30
Let's put it like this:
there is a time crisis 3 for sale the one in the pic looks good but in the description it's saying monitor does not work.
say you really like this game what's the max you willing to pay for it without any more information ??

31-05-2014, 23:39
dont know, really, im technician, not consumer or dealer...........
you must have any image, whats worth for you
by the way, chassis repair is between 30 and max. 120 , a faulty tube is very rare.
buts impossible to say, what is the fault :-(

01-06-2014, 09:59
I think the machine for commercial use is worth round 2000 for private use guessing round 1500 so if I can get it for under a 1000 I may take the guess.
thank you for your help maybe contact you if I bought it to see if we can fix it. :)

02-06-2014, 23:18
No prob, TV-Repair is my profession since the late 70tes
And now Im here, in the Retro-Scene, I like it ;-)