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07-03-2014, 20:07

I'm using a Radeon 4770, connected through RGB to a CRT Sony BVM Monitor, with Windows XP 64 bit and the last version of Soft15khz.

I'm having some problems with resolutions like 320x240. When using Kega Fusion emulator running at 320x240, and turning on the Vsync option, the picture will continually stutter every few seconds. Watching the framerate counter, I can see that the framerate is synced at 59fps. But if I use 640x480 instead of 320x240, the picture is smooth and the framerate is synced at 60fps.

It seems the 320x240 resolution is running at 59hz, and 640x480 running at 60hz. So, the 59hz is producing abnormal results. Is that normal? Is it possible to use 60hz with 320x240? How?

Turning off the Vsync fix the problem, but it produces tearing. So, I would like another option.


22-05-2014, 12:29
Is it really 320x240 or 321x240 (hacked res. to bypass Radeon hardcoded resolutions) ?

You know, if system report 59 Hz it might be range from 58,51 to 59,49 Hz actually and 60 Hz might be from 59,51 to 60,49 as system always presents frequency in integer numbers. Try Power strip and what is really set up. Turnign vsync almost always produces stuttering. Only in mame is possible to turn off throttle and enable vsync to produce smooth picture.

BTW real frequency for megadrive is 59,92 Hz not exact 60 Hz and this is for 256x224 resolution.