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olivier fra
25-02-2013, 15:23

I have a Intel Mother board with an intel GMA 4500 inside (Intel DG41RQ)

The board is connected to a NEWGAMES N'Styl 20 Cab With a JammaSD

With Soft15, I get a display only in high resolutions (1024 x 600)

It never displays a 640x480x60 32bt picture.

Could you help me to build a "custom15khz.txt" or "usermodes.txt" to "force" this display ? (640x480)

Thanks in advance


26-02-2013, 08:14
Phew... I fear I can't help you much.

Haven't worked with a GMA in ages.

First, there are two different drivers - GMA drivers and "IEGD" drivers.
GMA drivers are P.I.T.A. to work with, IEGD drivers are for advanced users only an require you to assemble them by selecting chip and valid outputs by hand.