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28-01-2013, 14:23
I would buy a dongle soft 15hz + umsaa
> just know if it works 100% with a radeon asus HD6950 2gb
> asus dc2
> saw the problem with radeon hd 5xxx series of
> above???

this is more a question if the Soft15Khz works with that. SailorSat answers quite quickly every such question on Arcadeinfo.de and boyac forum.
Unfortunately there is no reference list. So I can only guess.
:confused:...radeon hd 6950??:'-(??

28-01-2013, 19:50
The dongle is nvidia only. You won't need one.

Anyway, HD6000 won't work.

29-01-2013, 17:40
Anyway, HD6000 won't work.[/QUOTE]

man is able to go to the moon, but it is
unable to display a low resolution 15hz to play games of his childhood.
they say that can do more can do less likely ....
that's what I thought ...
my video card shows 2048 * 1536 in 30khz is unable to display 320 * 240 15hz :mad:
off topic / in electronics technician, told me it was impossible to display a VGA output on HDMI (hd fury did) ....:unsure:

I am disappointed in any case thank you sailorsat