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04-01-2013, 09:50

English speaker here hope i make sense!.

OK so firstly is that I am using Windows 7 X64. I wonder if Soft15khz is fully compatible with this OS?.

So I am using ATI X1300/X1550 (this is what the card is show as in Device Manager). And I am using the Catalyst driver 9.2.

So I installed the Soft15khz 15khz mode and it installed succesfully. Then I also installed Quickres. THen I set resolution to 640x480 30hz interlaced. Then I reboot and connect ATI VGA to Sony 29" Scart TV using VGA to SCART cable.

It load up to Windows successfully. Picture is running at 640x480 interlaced and viewing fine.

Now however, when I click on the QuickRes, there is NO additional resolutions, just 640x480. I thought that when is installed Soft15khz, then automatically will add lower resolutions??. Or I need to run some other config tool to add lower resolutions? Or it is simply Soft15khz not compatible with Win 7 X64?.

Please offer any hints or suggestions for this?.

I guess my next step is just to install Win XP 32/64 and retry?

04-01-2013, 23:56
Most likely a Win7 related problem. Sometimes works like a charm, sometimes not at all.

I'm still using XP64 for my emulation setups whenever possible.

Catalyst 11.03

05-02-2013, 10:50
I have a bit different problem. I've used soft15 kHz and Calamity custom drivers that should enable more than 60 resolution (120 as far I remember) but some soft15 kHz installs only 80 of them. The remaining (3 or 29 does not matter) cannot be used even if those are correct and does not collide others ie. 320x240 59,56 Hz and 320x240 61 Hz. I'm using XP x64.

I know that in system cannot be two resolutions like 320x240 59,62 Hz and 320x240 59,98 Hz.

When I cut custom.txt with some of the first (let's say from 1 do 5) resolutions on list then the remaing 5 (from 81 do 85) will appear.

Is it limited in software how much soft15kHz can install at once ?

BTW. It would fantastic to see 148 hacks for cabmame.

05-02-2013, 13:44

I don't remember - But the resolutions get split over several data blobs. Most likely something like the calamity drivers read up to 20 per blob, but S15k only writes 15 to each block.

05-02-2013, 22:41
Thanks for hacks SailorSat :)

I don't know how Calamity hacked drivers. Is there any way to check it those data blocks ?