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26-09-2012, 18:15

Per the instructions and overview for soft15khz, I completed the following steps:

Ran the front end - installed the 15khz options for BOTH of my adapters that showed up. Radeon 9200 series for my desktop. I then downgraded my display settings to 640x480 for both monitors as well. After shutting down, I took my PC tower to the MAME cab for connection.

When connecting my J-PAC to the monitor in my MAME cab, I received a SPLIT SCREEN on the windows xp boot up. Then, after bootup - I got a scrambled screen and no picture whatsoever.

Afterwards, I rebooted the tower back on a regular PC monitor and noticed when booting up, that the low-resolution settings I implemented no longer allow for my MAME32 frontend to run, and that the application is asking me to download directx instead.

Looking for some help on the proper steps to get soft15khz to work, to eliminate my split screen, and if I should use a different front end emulator (mamewah, mala, etc.) that will work.

Any advice on my problems? Do I run the install on BOTH of the adapters on the soft15 front end?

I appreciate the help and assistance.


26-09-2012, 22:59
Which OS? Which catalyst drivers?

26-09-2012, 23:12
I am not sure of the answer to the catalyst drivers.

Its running Windows XP.

A friend told me I should download the most recent drivers from AMD's site before trying to go further.

He also suggested that perhaps I don't install 15khz, but try 25 or 35 instead.

Do I need to install it on EACH adapter, or only one? And for the display settings, what is preferred that I change them to? Just the 640x480?

Should this only be changed on ONE of the monitors in the control panel as well, or both?



28-09-2012, 07:15
"Most recent" in this particular case most likely is NOT good. Try to get hold of Catalyst 6.5 somewhere.
Installing to the first adapter should be enough.
Splitscreen while booting is fine, BIOS and Windows Logo are still 31kHz.

If your display turns completely black after booting, try the "other" connector on the radeon (might need a DVI/VGA adapter).
The low modes won't work with a PC monitor, as it reports It can't support them.

28-09-2012, 12:49
Thanks for the information.

When I do install the soft15khz, should I install the 15 - versus the 25 or 35?

And when I set my display settings via the control panel - is the preferred settings 640x480, or do I want to go lower? Again - do I set this on just the one monitor - the same way I only install the soft15khz on the one video card?

I'll look for the Catalyst 6.5 drivers.


22-05-2014, 13:11
When I install soft15kHz I always use Calamity drivers. Both 6.5 (I used for X300) and 9.3 (using still with HD4350) works fine. I'm using custom.txt set of resolutions.

4350 has hardcoded 1280x720 so this resolution I use when I connect PC back to LCD. For X300 hardcoded should be 640x480p. If problem still remains with 640x480 you may remove 640x480 definition for soft15kHz then default 640x480 should remain.

I post my install procedure here: http://community.arcadeinfo.de/showthread.php?16558-Ati-hd-4800-and-trouble-with-soft-15hz