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26-05-2012, 14:43
Hi there,

need to output 15KHz to an arcade monitor at 640x480 resolution. I have two Windows 7 64bit computers, one with Nvidia GTX 580 and one with NVidia GTX 570M (570M is 570 for laptops). When I run Soft-15kHz, I get a message saying "Please note that GeForce 8 series, GeForce 9 series and GeForce GTX series cards most likely won't work without the EDID dongle.". Soft-15KHz then starts up, but all the command buttons ('uninstall', 'install 15kHz', 'insteall 25 kHz', 'install 31 kHz', install USER') are greyed out and not clickable.

I'm just hoping to get some advice on exactly what I need to buy, before I start spending money.

1) Windows XP. Do I absolutely need this? I know soft15KHz is meant to be for windows XP, but some threads (e.g. http://community.arcadeinfo.de/showthread.php?15447-Windows-7-and-low-res-modes) seem to show it will work on windows 7. So would Windows 7 32bit be good enough, or should I get Windows XP (I'm guessing the fact that I'm using the 64 bit of Windows 7 is why I can't even use Soft15kHz to install 15kHz).

2) New graphics card. I'm not sure if GTX 580 or 570 will work, can anyone confirm? According to the International Overview, "It should work with any NVidia ForceWare (66.93 and up), ATI Catalyst (2.5 and up), Matrox PowerDesk and 3Dfx Voodoo3/4/5 Driver, which themselfs support a large number of modern video adapters." however searching the forums and google I can't find anything conclusive about this.

3) EDID dongle? Soft-15kHz itself tells me that I'm likely to need the EDID dongle. The International Overview says it only needs it for really low resolutions.

So yeah... anyone tried using this with GTX 580 or 570? Any feedback / advice would be appreciated :)

29-05-2012, 21:37

same question

with win7 67 and 2 gforce 580 in Sli

thanks in advance for your answer ;)

30-05-2012, 19:44
640x480 might work without a dongle.
Low Resolutions won't work without for sure.

As I don't have a GTX5x0 card myself I can't try.