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31-03-2012, 18:46
Since 145u2 soundsync patch does not work, probably caused by this


Create a new device_mixer_interface, derived from device_sound_interface, which mixes all its inputs to a single output stream. Redefined the SPEAKER device to use this and remove the duplicate underlying logic. The main purpose of this new interface is to allow device-ification of an entire sound board, which can itself become a mixer of all of its sound components to a single output stream. This stream can then be routed by the device's owner to the appropriate speakers. A real-life example will show up soon. [Aaron Giles] "

Any fix for this is available?

01-04-2012, 10:46
SO changes to the sound system again :)
Well, let's wait and see... probably no big changes till 0146

03-04-2012, 18:48
Probably there will some other changes. We will see soon I think.

07-04-2012, 14:43
Looks like mamesick has made some progress with FX version so probably soundsync will work again.

22-05-2012, 11:05
Soundsync does not work still I'm affraid. Could You help SailorSat?

EDIT. Fixed by MameSick :)

23-09-2012, 21:49
Just tried Canmame 0.146 and soundsync does not work correcly. The sound in R-Type and Kund Fu Master are all over the place. I had been using Cabmame 0.141 and the sound was perfect. Has this not yet been fixed since 0.145u2?

29-09-2012, 09:31
Please see the thread below regarding the Soundsync issue


16-12-2012, 14:44
Yes, I know the problem.