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04-01-2012, 20:51
I'm on the fourth graphics card, and this is the first I've had trouble with Soft15khz -- any help is appreciated!

Current Setup:
- JAMMA cabinet, runs a quick-swap between JAMMA boards and a J-PAC with a Dell PC

History of Graphics Cards:
- (1) Geforce FX 5200 - Had no problems with Soft15khz, even with the newer Forceware at the time. However, the card had bad capacitors and became a fire hazard, so I had to replace it.
- (2) Radeon 7000 - Much lower performance card, but ran fine with Soft15khz. It rendered a lot of things very badly, though, so I wanted an upgrade...
- (3) Geforce FX 5600 - I was excited to get this, but it artifacted like crazy even from the get-go. I could get Soft15khz running from what I could see, but it was a losing effort anyway since you saw random blocks everywhere. Ouch.
- CURRENT CARD: (4) Geforce 6200 - Looks great so far with rendering, and on an arcade monitor, I'm currently running 93.71 Forceware. I've tried about half a dozen builds of it, and 93.71 at least gets the signal over there...but with this, I'm running into an odd problem...see below

- Soft15khz runs fine, registers the sync light, but at 640x480/15, it scrolls vertically like crazy and is unbearable. I have to find my way to Soft15khz to uninstall and switch back to the computer monitor to try again.
- At 800x600, it scrolls slowly once and then stops, but it's also zoomed in so you only see about 720x540 of the screen. If I run any games full-screen, I have to set them to run at 800x600, and they are still zoomed way too far in. I could POSSIBLY help this some with the knobs on the monitor itself (not 100% sure), but I would really prefer not to have to change those settings between JAMMA and JPAC swaps (fairly frequent). The prior ones ran fine at 640x480 with no adjustment necessary.

Desired Solutions:
- Either running 800x600/15 with everything showing (I can run the JPAC games at 800x600 full screen) OR
- Running 640x480/15, which is how it ran with all the other cards in the past

Is it an Interlaced/Deinterlaced problem? If so, I have no clue how to fix/change. Why would it run 800x600 with one scroll and then stability, and every other resolution scrolls/flickers like crazy? Is there a better build of Forceware that I should run? I've tried half a dozen of them so far, from the 70s to 93.71 to 168.x.... 93.71 currently running with this problem. Any help is definitely appreciated!

18-03-2012, 04:48

I have both GF 8600 and GF 9500 GT working fine with Soft15khz @15khz with nvidia driver 177.79.

Have a try.